Saturday morning chores….headache, or life lesson ?

    Are Saturday chores a forgotten lesson ? Have they faded away in today’s culture, like writing letters, and thank you notes ? I think we as parents should bring them back.  I have been trying to get my kids to do Saturday morning chores as long as they have been big enough, and it is STILL like pulling teeth. I am all for playing outside with your friends, and enjoying the freedoms of childhood, what I am against are spoiled kids,  with no sense of family responsibility. Can I get an amen ? The goal is for these small people to be grown ups one day right ? It’s not about the cleaning of a room, or taking out the trash…its about self-discipline in a world where mom isn’t there picking up after you all the time. It’s about being grateful . It’s about understanding that you are part of a team…your family.  And that is my Saturday morning rant.

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