Ok.  Listen up…. I just listened to a sermon from a friend (really, a sister) who attends St. Andrews in Mt. Pleasant , and I am amazed at the lengths God will go to , to  get the message to me. The information was not new, restoration and love…a common theme in the story that is my life. The delivery was fresh, and my spirit perked right up, and she not only listened…she heard.

Vandalize – willful or malicious destruction to property.

What if your life has been vandalized ? And what if YOU did some of the damage ? It’s hard, it’s complicated…no one understands.  I’ve said it all, and I’ve heard it all.  Here is what I know, whether you are a 35 year old mom, and wife, or a 19 year old girl at the beginning of your life…you are a MASTERPIECE.  The WORD, who became flesh, is in fact, the artist who created you.  Not as an after thought, but with the utmost care to every detail.  And when this artist sees the vandalism , the missing bits…the very ruin of HIS creation , He comes.  He lives.  He dies…He rises, and he RESTORES the piece of art that you are , (that I am)…. THE MASTERPIECE, HE restores it to perfection,  as only the artist who created it in love can do.

Do you hear that ? I can’t do it. You can’t do it. No amount of makeup will cover my brokeness, no perfume will mask the stench of my ruin, or yours. Only…the fragrance of Christ. It is expensive. It cost him his life.  But He says YOU (I ) are worth it all.  My restoration is a contradiction. It is both complete, and ongoing. He paints me new every day.  How about you ?

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