Things I’m learning…

I feel like I am in a season of learning right now. Learning about myself, my marriage, God my Father, my kids, and all of my relationships.

Let’s start with Isaiah. I feel like he is having major breakthroughs every day. He is learning to trust me, as we live each day together. I am depositing in him daily that he has what it takes. I am communing with him. Sometimes, in the simplest of ways, and I am breaking through !

God, my Father,  loves me.  He always has time for a conversation with me.  HE is not selfish, and HIS patience with me is limitless.  He is depositing in me daily that HE sees me.

Parenting in general….this is a biggie, (for me at least ). The journey, the process, whatever you want to call it…is never over.  It’s also never, ever,  perfect.  That is why, I am still learning. I am a Mother, a life giver , even on my worst day…my heart is for them. All of them. From little lion boy, right on up to… almost grown on my own girl.  My heart is for them.  I see them .  And  sometimes , I have to see them with fresh eyes, and my Father allows that !

My relationships…Everyone needs more than one friend. That’s community.  Some friends are soft, and easy to cry with.  And some are stronger than you, and can hold you up.  Some may make you laugh every day. And then there are a couple who can see straight into your spirit, and call her forward, they believe what your Father says about you long before you do.  Yep, I think you need all of these.

My marriage…After the City Church ladies retreat I had a lot of thinking to do. I came to some simple truths.  I have believed lies about myself, that kept me from seeing  all of my husband. And ladies, hear me when I say this…all the junk that was revealed during my quiet times was …hypothetical, but the Lord is giving me the opportunity to walk it out.  To STOP desiring to have power over my husband, to TRUST him with my whole heart, and to allow him to COVER me,  in a way that I never had.  I’ve emptied myself out to him, and now the Lord will give him the opportunity to guard me the way he so wants to.  I know all of that is vague, but you get the gist of it, right ?

Point is…we never arrive. From time to time, we coast…but then we start again.  It’s a dance that will go on for eternity. Yes, that’s ‘ right…even in HEAVEN, we will be learning HIS ways toward us.  Be encouraged,  perfection is not the goal…whole-heartedness  is, and we’re getting there !

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