This weekend was when…

  • My heart broke wide open…again.
  • my head hurt ….constantly
  • I missed my kid’s voices…surprising
  • the number of times I shaved, and or washed my hair….was a shockingly small number
  • I heard 2 of the names the Lord calls me…and has written on his thigh.
  • I saw the commonality (if that’s not a word, it should be) in 65 different women…LOVE
  • I heard stories of courage, heartbreak, brutality, and….REDEMPTION.
  • I saw shiny faces lifted up singing a chorus to a LIVING GOD…not a religious symbol.
  • I ate the BEST food…without a thought about calories…lovely.
  • I chose to engage.
  • I accepted love.
  • I realized…how much I NEED….my husband.
  • I knew FOR SURE….the Lord speaks to me. Thankful.
  • I remembered, Jesus is drawn to the… broken. Like a moth to a flame, HE came.
  • I forgave Eve…and myself.
  • Took back what was mine, and was lost….

I came home exhausted. Yes, to the point of talking nonsense, but it was worth it. He always shows up, always fills my basket. Always. This weekend was when I realized… the women of City Church are ….sweet as syrup.

One thought on “This weekend was when…

  1. Holy MAMA! She is gorgeous. He is candy. The kids are aamzingly adorable! You are so lucky to work with such a beautiful family. Love mama and papa on the setee. The meld so well. Wonderful colors.

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