Fill ‘er up please !

For dinner I gave my kids…a crusty loaf of bread, with oil for dipping, cheese,  to the ones who like it, and yogurt for dessert. I couldn’t be bothered to cook. You see, I am flawed.  And along with being flawed comes being …knawed. That feeling of…I am not enough, this isn’t perfect,  I am on empty with no gas station in sight,  I want my bed, and a dark room.

To my surprise,  my kids were perfectly satisfied.  And I realized something BIG.  I am sufficient for them.  I DO, in fact have what they need.  I am their nourishment.  And so, I will go away this weekend to a women’s retreat ,where I will allow myself to be filled.  Again.  I will carry an empty basket, and trust the Lord that the things he will choose to give, will not only feed me, but my kids, too. I will laugh, and then I will cry. As I empty my heart, my perfume out on Abba…I know He will come, He will undo me, but He won’t leave me undone.

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