Right now, I am hearing…

  • Isaiah singing
  • birds singing
  • the hum of the dryer
  • dogs panting

Right now, I am smelling…

  • sunblock
  • bathroom cleaner
  • bananas
  • coffee

Right now I am feeling…

  • hot sun
  • peace inside
  • satisfied

Right now I am touching ….this keyboard literally, but I am also touching heaven. I touch it,  when I hear Isaiah singing, and I touch it,  when I see the brightest cardinal EVER, and I touch it ,when peace is what I feel. When nothing satisfies…Love does. And Love lives in Heaven, but Love has a kingdom right here on Earth. A kingdom where birds call out, and kids sing, where the sun shines down on shoulders , and honeysuckle is the fragrance of the air.

Just trying to engage my senses today. Take my time, taste and see that the Lord is good.

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