shake it up baby

A little over a week ago, my friend (with my permission) prayed that things in my like would be shaken up. Not for the sake of, excitement, but for the sake of moving forward, gaining ground….taking possession , of what is mine. I knew it would be rough. It always is. Knowing it’s going to be rough, and actually RIDING out the storm are two different things. I can’t say that I have handled it as well as I would have liked. My body has given in to sickness, my flesh…to stress, and my spirit….well she has decided to play hide and seek.  My emotions have been all over the place. I am going to list some of the things I have FELT…. panic, peace,love, frustration, surrender,love, anger, isolation, love, fear, love…general pissed offedness…love. The greatest of these is LOVE. Truth.

I am blessed beyond reasoning, and still… I need more. I need wholeness. For me, for Isaiah. I need peace for my husband, and strength. I need HOPE for the future, and joy for today. JESUS… the words of Cheryl Crow,  Are you strong enough to be my man ? I need you. Like now, like yesterday. Breakthrough..authentic, and life changing.

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