First a quick update. It goes something like this, we have all been sick with the crud that attacks our sinus cavities every year around this time. We have also all been busy, home school, boy scouts, civil air patrol, Dad working his arse off….oh yeah and packing up the house to move. All reasons as to why I have been a slack blogger. But I thought of something that I had to take the time to blog about.

Monday my man-child was home sick, and I was doing school with little lion boy…while he was reading, I came across an article and decided it was worth a little teaching about too.   Man-child was a captive audience, he was, after all …sick.  I’ll take what I can get.  The subject….The Proverbs 7 woman.  The one to stay away from, the one who will ruin your integrity, and your life.  It was good reading, I don’t think he had read it before.  After, we read it, I asked him- did he know any girls like the one being described here ?  He said yes, and went on to tell me about a girl at school who has been known to have sex with boys, and smoke pot.  He described her as rough, and not attractive. ( this broke my heart, but that is a blog for another day).  I realized that while we had read the passage about the Proverbs 7 woman, he had missed some DETAILS.  This woman….the one to beware of, the temptress…is beautiful, with honeyed speech, and the finest clothes.  These details somehow did not catch him.  But I knew, and I made sure that he does too, now.

Of course, we followed up with the woman you SHOULD be looking for, the Proverbs 31 woman. And I have to say that even with all of her stellar attributes, she seemed kind of boring in comparison to the one from Proverbs 7.  So I reminded him, that God had given him details about his future wife.  DETAILS.  That she would be funny, smart, and most importantly….worth it. Today’s lesson…it’s all in the details.

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