wild, and wooly wirthlins

My husband has taken my man-child to the curriculum night at Mauldin High. Only one of us could go. Why ? Well, that’s simple… the other two children are like two little baby wild animals when you put them together. They start out playing, but soon enough there is bloodshed.  Anyways, I let Thomas have the honor of taking Adam.  It’s killing me.  I want to know every word that is being said…I want to help him pick his electives, you know, in other words, be my usual controlling, overbearing , and yet, lovable, self.  Oh well. Fact is, it’s my job to be the mommy to these little ones, too. They really need me. It is evident every single day.  Their spirit’s still need mother’s milk,  so to speak.  And so, I accept the call.

The word disciple has been ringing in my head for several days now,  and I know full well that as a mother, my first ministry is to my children. That is my way of becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ….to first practice HIS patience, His prayer, His power, and His healing….here, at home, with these ….the little wild animals that I am raising.  If I can’t minister here, to them…where else, how else ??  It’s not the most glamorous, and many days, here lately, I’ve questioned if I can finish this race. And then I am reminded, in some crazy way…about his grace, and the limitless amount that I have been given. I am also reminded of a word spoken over me, by a dear friend…that I am GLAMOROUS in the spirit, and I roll around in that,  especially when I am feeling particularly ugly…it helps.  So, while man-child, and Thomas listen to the counselors advise, I will….clean the dishes, do laundry, snuggle with, and pray for little lion boy, and little big blue-eyed girl. I will speak to their spirits while they think I am listening to their funny stories. And I will come a step closer to the disciple that I want to be.

One who embraces and assists in spreading the teachings of another. b. An active adherent, as of a movement or philosophy…..disciple.

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