podcast to paper…

I am attending a women’s group , and much to my surprise, my spirit is being shaken, and stirred. It’s a simple concept. We listen to a podcast, literally, we just sit and listen.  For some of us, it might be the first settled moment of the day.  We spend time journaling. This is right up my ally…except for the fact, that the fearless leader of the class wants us to put pen to paper without premeditation, she wants us to write, and write until the overflow of our hearts comes out on paper.  I love writing this blog, but I can assure you, there are many drafts.  It’s so much harder to just let it go, write every word that comes to your mind, and watch your heart unfold as you do.  During both classes I’ve heard great things from the Lord, things worth sharing….but my stinky flesh would not have it. I’m working on it, it just feels so vulnerable. Last night we spent some time on  self-righteousness, and much to my dismay I realized that all my worry, and stress are just that. Self-righteousness…relying on myself, refusing to let it go, white knuckling the issues that concern me. We asked the Holy Spirit to point out one such area to each of us, that we might let it go, and get some break through, let it go, and put on the righteousness of GOD, rather than our own, which I now know is like filthy rags. Thank you very much, I don’t want to wear filthy rags, I want to SHINE like the beauty He says I am. So I Listened….. and below I’m going to write, word for word,  what the Lord said. I didn’t lift my pen off the paper, I just wrote until I was done. Here goes….

of course, it’s Isaiah, it’s always Isaiah. You worry, you pray, you cry, you sing, you ask, and then you beg. But you DON’T stop worrying. You grieve as if he is dead, he is not. Isaiah is alive, and I know him, I hold him.

    you don’t trust me with this treasure, but who do you think gave him to you ? I am your help in ALL things , daughter listen to me…step into peace where your son is concerned. Step into peace about his emotional needs, step into peace about his physical needs, his ears, too… step into peace about his spirit, and his heart. Peace is mine, and it is yours. Receive  what you have asked for. Let me get past you, so that I can give it to you. Step out of your own understanding, and into peace.

I know I should have shared this in the class, but it was fresh, and and the Lord had shaken up my way of thinking, so this will have to do for now. Today has been good, and true to his word…peaceful.

One thought on “podcast to paper…

  1. love the vulnerability and core of who you are! nothing like getting to the end of ourselves and always, there will always be our lover saying, “trust me, just me, that’s all, I don’t fail you, I’m trustworthy, I love you!”

    you are precious to me!

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