plant food….

roots3rd person singular present, plural of root

The part of a plant that attaches it to the ground or to a support, conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant.Rain for four days doesn’t make my flesh happy, but maybe it nourishes my spirit.  We have been doing a lot of family time, and family talking over here, and that’s good.  For a long time we have known that it would be impossible for us to buy a house, and in my mind that meant…no putting down roots.  I was okay with that, even told myself that I was happy about it, that I could move at a moments notice if the Lord said so. But HE didn’t. He said …stay.  And most recently, he has revealed that putting down roots has very little to do with buying a house.  Apparently, I do not know EVERYTHING. hhmmm.

                           Our circumstances haven’t changed, the economy hasn’t changed, but my heart has. I am putting down roots. I’m attaching myself to this place, for this time, for the nourishment of my marriage, and my children. I have been prone to wander, but I’ve realized that my kids really want to settle down, and into something, to be at rest with our home life.

                               Thomas and I have been guilty of moving them around a whole lot. We are not running now. The Lord has given me a clear picture of what my kids need, and I get it. Whether renting or not, I can put down the roots that are going to water and feed the plants that are my kids ! The Wirthlins are putting down roots , we are investing, not in a house, but in our kids. They are going to love it, and we will too. And so we are about to become long term renters. And that is ok with me, I have my pride in check. The right place at the right time…thats how I feel. Peaceful.


2 thoughts on “plant food….

  1. I am of the opinion that buying a house isn’t actually a box everyone is supposed to check off. We aren’t and I think it’s more than ok.

    One of the Hebrew words for “root” means tradition and heritage. So maybe the roots we put down are to have more to do with our family traditions and heritage and the far reaching, under the surface source of the nourishment for our spirit’s… and less to do with the outpouring of money for a physical structure to prove we are part of the system.

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