pe·cu·liar (p -ky l y r). adj. 1. Unusual or eccentric; odd. 2. Distinct from all others.  Each one of my children fits this definition.  Little lion-boy takes up a whole lot of my blog space, mainly because we are in the thick of some growing pains, and strains right now. He ran away from school last week. Ran all the way home. …where he proceeded to fall in a heap, crying in my entry way.  Following close behind…school officials.  There are tons of sordid details to this saga, but all that matters is the incredible strength of character it showed for him to go back.  He went back today.  To a new class, with a new teacher.  I don’t think I could have done it , hell…I’ve run from women’s bible study for years.  I am truly a student of this child,  he teaches me every day… if I am willing to learn.

Two nights ago, little big blue-eyed girl and I had words at bed time. First angry words, and then true words. Words about how nobody is perfect, and how blessed we are, words about how it’s my job to guide, and sometimes correct. Imagine my surprise when she pulled her diary out from beside the bed, opened it, and began to read it aloud to me. Sweet words about what mommies do. Now anyone reading this who has, or has been,  an almost 12 year old girl,  knows….that was peculiar. And lovely.

There are more children, and more stories,  I think I will leave those for another post. I said something this morning to the Lord, and I want to repeat it here…. Perfect love casts out all fear, then Lord, please make your love clear. I prayed, and then I worshipped. I stood in the kitchen, and sang these words ….like diamonds we shine against the sheet of night, the jet black sheet of night, we overtake the cityscape…..we break but we don’t die….that’s how I feel about my kids today.  And love , that’s how I feel about LOVE today.  They shine so bright against the dark that this world can be, and as humans,  we do break . We break,  but because of LOVE…we don’t die.

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