you are hardest on the ones you love…

Sometimes here, on planet Earth,  I think we are hardest on the ones we love.  Especially our kids, husbands too.  I find myself requiring so much of my kids. Because I WANT so much for them. I know my Father feels the same for me, and yet in HIS kingdom all things are upside down. He is watching, and planning things for me…but instead of putting the pressure on me to live up to my potential, HE is encouraging, carrying me, taking my burdens, and making my load seem lighter, not heavier. Hmmm. Is it possible that I can turn my household upside down ? Can I lighten the load my kids carry, and will it turn their hearts toward obedience ? It’s worth a try.

Thomas went out of town this week for work, it was only one night, but somehow things crumble around here when he is gone. I sort of sat around whining for a while , feeling sorry for myself that the kids were not listening to me. And then I felt sorry for Thomas that he is not married to someone stronger, who can handle these kids without him. Eventually, I got it together. Pretty much after they were in bed, I got it together. The point is…the Lord gave me a clear and decisive word for Thomas about why things start to get shaky when he is gone. He said…Your husband is a load bearing wall in the structure that is your home. Well…if you knew how many times I have said to my husband, can we take this wall out ? Just to have him say, no, and explain the importance of the load bearing walls. You would know that God speaks to us so gently,  and with such knowledge of who we are…its just amazing. It’s like we each have our own language with him. The word that he gave encouraged both Thomas, and I. We have roles to play in this story, and they are both lead roles, but they are very different.

I guess the point that I am making is that we have a language that we can share with our kids, too. Who knows them better than us ? We just have to take the time , make the time, to find out what the language is that they respond to. No two are alike. Just like snowflakes. So turn your kingdom upside down, instead of being hardest on the ones you love…ease up, find their language, and speak it.

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