long day….

Yesterday was the longest day of my life. Glad it’s over.  Almost grown on my own girl has come back home. Baby steps, are all we can manage, but in the end…you don’t leave them stranded. Enough said about that.

Christmas number crunching, and re- crunching, and then shopping. Little lion boy calls from school, tummy hurts. I convince him to stick it out. Carline two hours later , and then on to pick up big-eyed little girl from glee rehearsal. Home again, to a lovely dinner of turkey pepperonis and carrots, with a side of pizza rolls. Change my clothes, find everyone else’s, including almost grown on my own girls, who showed up with nothing….out the door, hurry ! Glee time. The concert was great, my baby girl is so charming. Dad had to drive separately, so he could go back to the tree lot and shut it down for the night. Man-child decided to ride with him. Home again…pjs and hot chocolate, study for lion boy’s science test.

Someone is yelling my name, sounds serious, dad is on the phone …needs you. Thomas’ voice, accident, he is hurt…what ? What is he saying ? Who is hurt ? Knowing all the time who he is talking about….my man child. Heart pounding , fear…which brings anger, rushing out the door.

I hope you could follow that, that is exactly what I remember. And then I saw him. I smiled, and then I cried. Adam was playing a game in the dark at the tree lot and ran eye first into a piece of iron in the ground ( the ones for holding up trees ), it should have had a tree on it, but it didn’t.  I wanted to shout at my husband, I wanted to jump on him, and pound my fists into his chest , like you see in the movies.  But then I saw his face…he was so sorry. He loves this man child just as much as I do. It was an accident, and the Lord was watching over us.  Adam got 3 stitches, he is swollen and in pain, but his vision was spared, his eyeball in tact.  A real Christmas miracle.  When I saw the injury, I could not believe that his actual eyeball had not been sliced, and with it, all his airforce  dreams.   He is recovering at home today, and I am hiding my heart from all of the what-ifs.  Life goes on.  This life, the beautiful strife.

One thought on “long day….

  1. I like that you don’t leave them stranded. 🙂 I’m probably my mom’s almost grown on my own girl and I don’t think I could do my life without her support, it truly means the world. I’m sure it’s the same for your girl. Also, praying moms are one of the most powerful forces on this earth, the miracles I’ve seen of lives transformed has convinced me of that fact.

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