tears for fears….

This morning, I read an article about Dads and daughters. I cried, and I cried some more. So naturally, what do I do ? I tell my husband to read it. We have two daughters. One is 19, and out of the house, and the other is 11, and is most definitely, in the house. The article touched on so many important things, things that are easy to forget when you are in the thick of parenting. My husband cried too. And one of the things that I love about him, is that he didn’t stop reading out loud, he just kept right on, tears streaming, voice cracking….me laughing. It broke us open.

Little big- eyed girl (11),  is growing fast, and we both needed this reminder about just how magical she is.  Almost grown on my own girl (19),  needs to know that she has a home, and that in our hearts, she is still …little twinkling blue-eyed girl.

Time flies, and so many choices have been made out of fear.  We get to start over every day.

I am blessed that my girls have a Daddy, that is better than what I could’ve asked for, and that’s because of my Daddy, my Abba….who gives me the desire of my heart, before I even know it’s there.  He is just that good.

One thought on “tears for fears….

  1. Your daughters are beautiful! Not surprising considering their parents. 🙂 I feel like a stalker commenting on every post but I know it’s nice to know people are reading.

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