a new normal….who am I kidding ?

The word normal is never really going to fit our clan. Oh well….a new ABnormal. Sidney has moved back in, and that is good. Thomas has jumped from selling Christmas trees right into a new job ! It was so fast. A blessing for all of us. Adam is recovering, and in fact, gets his stitches out tomorrow. The two little ones are being surprisingly good, and for that I am so grateful. Seriously, people. I have PMS, and on the week before Christmas…..which leads me to my next, very random point. My husband has started reading a blog. No, not mine…another woman’s blog. He finds it so funny that he laughs out loud. It is a little bit offensive, and a whole lot real. It’s called http://peopleiwanttopunchinthethroat.blogspot.com/   . I think I am just as funny, HOWEVER, my blog is policed by my husband, who likes to say – are you sure you want to say that? Hmmm. Strikes me as odd, that he finds so much pleasure in this other woman’s sarcasm. I guess mine is just a little too close to home.

FYI….there are some people I’d like to punch in the throat. Well, maybe punch is too harsh a word, let’s just say there are some people I’d like to POKE in the throat.  Fine, I will list a few.


  • the lady at the pta meeting who raises her hand 32 times to ask – what happens if my child gets to school, and then realizes that her socks don’t match ? Thank you lady, I was hoping someone would ask that.
  • the teenager in line behind me and my kids at wal-mart, who thinks it’s funny to say what the f*&%$, and giggle like a hyena……..hilarious.
  • the family member, who without fail, is nice to only ONE of my kids….this drives me nuts, and I’m sure she knows it.  rude.
  • the lady at the hair salon that wouldn’t acknowledge me as I told her how to cut my son’s hair, she would speak only to him , and then he would look at me , and I would tell him what to tell her, even though she was standing right there ….ignoring me.
  • The man in the car beside me, who stares, even though his wife is in the passenger seat. Ok, that one would get a punch.

There are so many more, but I just wanted to give a few examples…oh, yeah …of course, the mommies on facebook, who list their accomplishments on a daily basis as if the rest of us really want to know how productive you were today. Good for you, just seems a little condescending to the rest of us, me….who are yelling, sweeping, pouring milk into cereal, recording real housewives….all at the same time, wow ! I do get a lot done !

As you can see, I hope, this was meant to be cute. Mostly. No hate mail please.

3 thoughts on “a new normal….who am I kidding ?

  1. I’m glad you put the “this was meant to be cute” line at the end because I was laughing and felt bad if you were trying to be serious! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, you have such a visually descriptive way of writing, I could picture it all in my head. I flew home in the 2nd to the last row of a Boeing 757 (row 40 if that gives you any idea) in the window seat next to two much older men, one row in front of some of those teenagers you mentioned. It was a long, and interesting, and crowded, 2 hours. 🙂 Ah life, it’s a trip. 😉

  2. I ❤ you!!!! And your honesty…and am thankful that I missed the PTA meeting! LOL!! Kids giggling and cursing drives me CrAzY!!!! I can relate on many levels. This was refreshing…gotta go watch the Housewives now 8o)

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