Whenever I wear a bracelet, a necklace, and a ring together, I feel like it is just too much. But the Father is working on my ideas. He wants to adorn me, and sometimes you just have to LITERALLY do things, before you get the idea. It seems like forever that HE has been sending me the same message. You ARE enough. You are MINE, you are SAFE, You are my SONG…my LOVE LETTER.  I hear it.  I accept it.

Isaiah is home again today. He has a cold, but thats not why he is home. He is home because he wants to be. And I am letting him ….BE. Just BE.  I don’t know when this struggle will end, with my youngest. But I am not about to give up. What I realized is this…giving in, isn’t always giving up. And so, I have given in this morning. My relationship with Isaiah, and my desire to reach his heart is stronger, and more important, than this day in the fourth grade.

I tried to wake him up last night when I got home from work, the Lord had given me some clear words, and instructions….he didn’t remember it this morning, but I kissed him over and over. I kissed the palms of both his little hands, and I told him how funny I think he is…how charming. I assured him that every day is new, and that we get to start over. There are do-overs enough for all of us. This morning, he didn’t remember that, and once again…we struggled. But I am calm, I am loved, my Father kisses my palms, and HE finds me funny, and charming. And for now…that is enough.

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