updates and stuff…

Let’s just start with the important stuff !! We were blessed with FREE tickets to the Clemson game, 50 yard line , south stands. If the Lord was looking for a way to touch Thomas, he found it.  It was military appreciation day, and it was so moving. The jets flying overhead literally, took my breath away. My husband cried unashamedly for the sacrifice of others , and my man-child stood, chin quivering, holding it in. These are good men that surround me. I am blessed. My baby-man was there too, holding his ears, but it was just as much to block out the emotion, as it was the noise. He has had a hard time watching the tributes, and documentaries about 9/11. He is either cold as ice, or as tender as they come….I choose to believe the latter.God help me, I love him so much.

Most of us are trying to get colds…very annoying. Busy week ahead. Lia Sophia party, football game, glee club, homework and tests….you know the drill. That’s pretty much it. We continue to create new things out of old. Relic Salvage and Farm Tables is moving forward. trash to treasure….beauty for ashes, and so on. Check it out. relicsalvagecompany.com

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