This crazy weather….

woke up to sunny skies, next thing I knew it was pouring down rain. And then the sun was back, although the clouds had a threatening air about them, it has turned out beautiful.

It’s a picture of life around here, too.  Everything starts out so simple….but there is an underlying storm. At times, it’s pretty far from making landfall, at other times it swirls close enough to cause an evacuation. My evacuation, that is. I could be talking about any number of storms in my atmosphere, but today, right now I am talking about Isaiah. He can wreck me. It’s not his intention, but many times, it is the outcome. I run. My flesh runs…it is so hard not to jump in my bed and cover up, block out the things that I don’t know how to fix.  I can only sit, and be still. I can listen for the words that bring comfort….sometimes they come, sometimes…they don’t. Today, there was comfort in the line of a song I happened upon. ” daylight is coming home, like a prodigal son that’s been gone for so long “.  I  was reminded , all is not lost. We all struggle, the question is, how do we recover ?

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