wonder wirthlin

     There are times in life (my life,  at least) where every woman needs star spangled underwear. My friend Cynthia gave me the gift of understanding this concept. It’s not about being the perfect mom, or wife….wonder woman. It’s about utilizing the gifts that I have been given to get through my daily tasks with JOY !  And so , I will put on the cape, the boots, the cuffs and  the crown …for glamour, and the star spangled underwear, in the flattering brief cut.  Tomorrow is another day.  I can do this. The joy starts to bubble up every time Cynthia calls me, ” wonder wirthlin” . I have yet to come up with a name that is powerful enough to describe this super-hero friend of mine. So, until then ….we will bump fists , and leap over buildings, we will prepare lunches, support husbands, find  glasses, and love children with all our might. goodnight.

2 thoughts on “wonder wirthlin

  1. I still keep up with your blog Wonder Wirthlin!
    I listed my e-mail below so we can reconnect and clink our our golden cuffs to power up!

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