Isaiah went to school today. That’s a good thing. Its cool and breezy, also good. There is work for the Butcher, and Lia Sophia parties for me….good. Belle and I will have another girls day tomorrow, you guessed it…good. Man-child is going camping with the scouts, he thinks this is good. I will miss him. And here is why…. yesterday I went to goodwill and a consignment shop, on a hunt for jeans for the little kids. The budget is tight, really non-existent, but we have to have clothes, right ? Anyways, I digress. Adam got into the car after school, and I said – I found you a great shirt at Goodwill ! Thats it, that’s all I said. Just making conversation. And to this, my man-child replied- I hope I find a good wife like you.  You always take care of us. Can your heart swell, and break at the same time ? Yep. I got myself together, and reminded him that we have been praying for his wife for a long time already, that he has already been promised by the Lord….this future wife will be beautiful, and smart, and funny….she will be worth it. He nodded, remembering the word that was spoken a year ago. And that was that, moment over, onto something else.

My Father has been loving on me all week. It has been a hard week, full of tears, and conflict, but laced with such love from Abba. This moment with Adam was a scarlet cord of rescue, in a week spent doubting my parenting skills, and crying out.  So grateful for all of it right now. All of it.  It’s good stuff.


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