Shiny faces…

  Spent a few days away. It was not restful. It was more like mouth to mouth, and chest compressions, and even a few electric shocks with the paddles….all in a good way. I was slightly in a coma, but I am awake now. I went to a womens conference at MorningStar, it was called, simply….Bloom. And that is what I am doing.

            On Thursday morning I settled myself into a seat , and looked out over the sea of faces that surrounded me. They were old, and young, married, and single, sick, and healthy. They were fashionable, and not. They were mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. They had thousands of different stories. They all had something in common that became more evident as the day went on. Their faces….they were SHINY. I had the distinct impression, as the conference started, that these women around me were eager. They waited for the worship leader to tune her guitar, and the vision of deer panting for water comes to mind. I wrote this in my notes…..the ladies are standing at the ready, their weapons of choice…banners, flags, scarves, and swirly ribbons.  I can hear a chorus of yeses, it is coming from their spirits, without a word. He has come for them, for me. And yes, is the only thing we can say.

          I am still deciding HOW to share what I came away with, but here are a few tidbits to nibble on.

  • God does not need ME to be impressive.
  • All that matters is LOVING WELL. really. thats it.
  • my spirit and soul are two different things, and I can call them into alignment, with the spirit leading. wow. read that one again.
  • I am through taking myself so seriously.
  • time is NOT running out. not for me, not for my kids. I have eternal time on my side.
  • My Father created every part of me, every quirk, and even my neurosis.figure that out. He adores every part.
  • I have said goodbye to parts of me that the Father created, just because I believed that they would not be beneficial to me in my CHRISTIAN life. They have been mine all along, and I am going to find them, and welcome them home like a prodigal.
  • burn out comes from trying to do spiritual things with your SOUL. Aha.

Thats all for now. I will go into more detail about a few of these later. There is so much more. I filled a notebook, and dried up a pen.

                       For now, I am blessing my spirit. She is little, and the last few years she has been neglected. I am telling her what her Father says about her, she is waking up. Sometimes, what we think is freedom binds our hands, and hearts, and keeps a gag in our mouths. Everything is upside down where my Father is concerned. He is drawn to brokeness, and makes us strong when we are at our weakest.

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