It wasn’t the worst day ever….

   Even though it started out with Belle and Z fighting, harsh words, and hatefulness. And that , of course, lead to lion-boy REFUSING to get out of the car at school.

              It wasn’t the WORST day ever….

   Even when Z fought to go to work with Thomas, wrapped around his leg like a vine, and somehow I am the one worse for the wear. Punches thrown, and heartbreaking words sewn….into the seams of my heart….

               It wasn’t the WORST day ever…

   Even though, I heard myself say, NO FIELD DAY, and then cried for the memories being taken away….

                    It wasn’t the WORST day ever…..

     Lion-boy is here, and so am I. He is reading in his bed, todays battle forgotten.

                He wants kisses, and redemption….I want his little lion hands in my hair, the anger from this morning gone. And so , he and I are in agreement now….bedtime songs, and sweet distraction….It WAS NOT, the worst day ever.

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