The day AFTER resurrectiontion day….

The day started out good. Lion-boy had to get his 95.00 custom earplugs made. I know they will be worth it, he loves to be in the water, and we have been in a battle with his ears since he was one. That was fun, and interesting. And then I drove him to school, after the appt. THAT was not fun, or interesting. His stomach hurt, and he wouldn’t get out. Ok. This was not my first rodeo, I drove him home, told him to go to bed, and get his tummy better. No school, No t.v….particularly true if mom KNOWS that you could, and should be in school. So there. Easy, right ? WRONG. Turned into an hour long battle. I don’t even want to go into the specifics. (heavy breathing, throwing, screaming, chasing, and some of that was ME) Anyways, it was dog grooming day ! Oh happy day, I love it when Ava has a bath, she smells good, and I can love on her. Nah….not today, she has a skin fungus. Hmmm. Sucks. She has to sit in a chair on a bunch of towels, because she could be contagious to humans. Nice.

                           Cut to the fact that I have a toothache. Ok, so the toothache is not new. I have had it off and on for 2 years. Don’t say it people, I already know. I am a chicken, plus it costs money, and it may involve more than one dentist ! This day, the day after resurrection day, is not going well, at all.

                              The butcher and I get big-eyed girl, and lion-boy to bed, a little late…9 pm, finally. We can rest our minds, and our bodies from the frustration of the day, the work, the bills(earplugs, anti fungal shampoo)…you get the idea. Man-child (who is measuring in at 5″8, thank you) and I settle down on the couch for our nightly pow wow, where he tries to stall going to bed, and I try to stare at, and hold him for as long as possible with out him thinking that I am totally weird. Yes, we do this every night. When there is a tap on the door. 9:45…who in the world? Will this day ever end ? It’s halfgrown,on my own- girl’s boyfriend. Sometimes boyfriend, sometimes not. Shock and awe are the feelings that fill the space where the air used to be. The butcher does not invite boyfriend/not in the house, he goes outside. Man-child peeks out the window. I wait.

                                 Thomas comes in and sends a very disappointed man-child to bed. Goodnight love. And then tells me that boyfriend/not has come by to enlighten us about halfgrown,on my own- girl’s life style. He thinks she is in danger. We could have told him that. And now we sit…wondering, imagining, what-ifing, sighing, hurting, but, loving. The day AFTER resurrection day.

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