Walk about…

 I heard a phrase the other day  that I have adopted, and adapted for me and mine. Its a sort of song/prayer. You can take it, and make it yours too.

                      Walk around my house Lord, walk around this house. Walk around my husband today Lord, walk around my kids. Change the atmosphere for them, walk around this house. Let it be known that you own EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE inside it, as you walk around this house, my house. Walk around my bank account, walk around this house. Walk around my friendships Lord, walk around this house.

Walk around Isaiah today Lord, give him PEACE in his mind, and in his body. Feed his little lion spirit with one of those little baby animal bottles, give him what he needs to grow. Walk around my baby Lord.

 Walk around Isabelle, walk around my girl. Ring around the rosie Lord, she is still a little girl. Play with her spirit today like only you can. Walk around.

 Walk around Adam today Lord, and let him catch a glimpse of you doing it. He needs reassurance that you are here. Walk around him, surround him, settle down, hunker down for a while, and let him in on your secrets.  Tell him that you can trust him.

  And Lord….walk around Sidney today. As you walk , wrap her in your love. Go around her , walk around her, time and time again, until she is in a cocoon of your love for her.  Whisper to her what she is worth  to you, the way you treasure her. Walk around. Hang around.

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