turning 9…

I mean, what can I really say about this face ? This picture was taken on the first day of school this year. This is the first year that Isaiah’s anxiety about school hasn’t gotten the best of him. He has been going like a champ. Not only that, but he is kind and helpful to his friends. What more could I ask for ? Here is a list of things that I know to be true about my youngest son, who is 9 years old today…

  • I let him skip school today, because I knew he would snuggle me….all day.
  • He has the greatest hair…ever.
  • He is strong
  • when he loves you , he loves you….period.
  • he is unpredictable
  • He still smells sweet.
  • He rubs my hair while I sing to him at night….aaaahhhh.
  • He has a smile that can stop my world from spinning…..did you see the picture ?
  • He loves animals and babies, and I LOVE that about him.
  • He is a puzzle genious.
  • He carries the backpack of a little girl at school, almost every day.
  • He has a musical heart…literally, a soft murmur, that sounds like a drumbeat. 

I could go on, and on,  and on. I love him. He is not simple, but neither am I . I am sad for anyone who hasn’t experienced the kind of fierce love that I have for him. He came through me, and I am better for that. Happy Birthday Z…..I love you madly !

2 thoughts on “turning 9…

  1. Aww! Sweet boy! I miss him so and am very glad to hear that his school year is going so well! HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!

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