diving in…

 Around here, there is no such thing as starting the new year slowly, or taking it easy. Isaiah will be 9 on wednesday, so that always plunges us right in to the new year ! We go straight from Christmas lazy, into birthday mode. So, we will do a family thing on his birthday, and then skating with friends on saturday. Should be fun. I could sit around and complain about my baby being 9, but I just feel so damn blessed, that I won’t. I love this new year. I am awake, and taking notice of things. Finally. Feels good.

             I am busy with Lia sophia, its clearance month, and I have quite a few shows. I am pushing myself and doing things that I never thought I would, its a good start. I am drinking hot tea in a quiet house right now, but before I know it, I will be out in the cold afternoon….driving carpool. Glorious.

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