New Years Trifecta

 So, I have been thinking this over, talking to friends about it, and I believe I have come to a conclusion. Actually, it seems pretty obvoius in a duh, kind of way. New years resolutions should be tri-fold. A physical resolution, a mental resolution, and a spiritual resolution. Now each one of these will most likely have more than one part. For example, my physical resolution is to take my vitamins, and drink water….seems simple, but has proven hard in years gone by. My mental resolution….have more fun, ALLOW myself time for fun, less self isolation. And of course, last , but not least , my spiritual resolution…read the WHOLE Bible this year, that is under way…but also to allow my love for the Lord to overflow into a love for people, there is plenty more, but this should keep me busy for a while. The trifecta, the triple threat….I like it.

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