Let the ball drop, let the broken be mended, and let the darkness see the light…

 Last year we went to Charlotte for New Years Eve. We had a plan sit with our dearest friends around their firepit, and let the old year fade away, and the good times roll in. We did just that. Steven got me so pumped up with his 2010 speech, that I was ACTUALLY looking forward to the new year ! I am usually grieving the old one, but in this case, I was ready to let it go. I cannot believe that has been a year. The fastest one yet. What if they don’t slow down, how will I keep up ? This year is at our house, and we are looking forward to seeing if Stev-o has his motivational speech ready. whoo hoo !  Oh yeah, this is what I learned from Erin, my bestie…..NEVER, never jump on a trampoline at the stroke of midnight, with your hands in your pockets. I have learned other things too, but so far, this little tid bit has proven the most useful, and…hilarious.

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