Just when I thought Christmas was over….

Just when I thought Christmas was over…..I bought Adam a set of 4 books, because he LOVES to read. We have a hard time finding things that are appropriate for a 13 year old who is on college level reading. Its a dilemma, but back to the story at hand. When he opened the books on Christmas, he was happy that I had thought of him, but sadly had already read the books. FAIL.  Oh well. So, last night our lovely neighbor was heading out to the book store ,and invited Adm, he jumped at the chance, and grabbed his gift to exchange when he got there. What do you think he came home with ? A gift wrapped up for me ! He had been really sad that he didn’t have his own money to buy me something, I know thats ridiculous, but thats just the way he is. So, he exchanged that set of books, and instead of getting himself a brand new book….he got me one.

                        He continues to break my heart wide open with his love for me. And reveals more of the FATHER to me than I ever could have imagined. Between my husband, and my sons….I have seen the Fathers love, I am blessed and bewildered by the whole dang thing.

                             Lest you think that I have forgotten Isabelle….I have not she e-mailed me a poem yesterday while I was in the shower. She is thoughtful, without giving it a thought…she is my split-apart, the jewel in my crown. The Father’s love for me revealed…yet again. What a sense of humor he has…..

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