snow day.

This is what it looks like. Fire, coffee, no makeup….just…right now. Enjoying the moment. House is silent, except for the popping of the fire. Kids are off on adventures all their own. Even Belle, broken arm be damned, you only live once. We wrapped it up, and gave her insructions to WALK only, no running, no sledding….a sad reminder that life is not fair. Its not fair, and it’s not long…but its good. Today is good. I am much happier than I look in this photo, if you look closely, the aggravation on my face is for the photographer, who was intent on getting the dog to smile…..oh, my husband….love him so, and still, and on and on. The snow brings out the boy in him, and he too, is outside playing. If I close my eyes, and pretend…we are teenagers out of school for the day…except so much wiser ….and better. Enjoy the snow, curl up, and pray this day lasts, and lasts. I know, I am.

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