blessings …big and small.

 I am aware of my blessings….I count that as one of the great things about me. Hahahahahaaha ! Yesterday I met with a co-worker, a cheerleader for me, who is becoming a friend. I stayed too long, talked too much, she blessed me in so many ways, but the biggest blessing was just in seeing that there are still people LISTENING to the voice of the Lord. Even in this wilderness, that we call the world, HIS voice rings true. She heard him, obeyed him, and blessed me and my family. I am grateful.

                   A few other blessings that I am acutely aware of today…..

  • a husband who thinks that I am the most beautiful woman in the world, despite the reality that I am not.
  • two sons who pretty much think thesame thing.
  • a daughter who looks up at me with admiration in her eyes.
  • a warm home
  • big jobs, small jobs….jobs
  • sisters that are amazing
  • a mother that loved us, and nurtured us, despite not being nurtured as a child herself.
  • a best friend who knows me, and loves me unconditionally.
  • a teenage daughter who seeks me out for advice
  • a new relationship with that teenage daughter, the kind that only distance can provide…
  • of course….the GOD that came to earth as a baby among the poorest to set a plan in motion that would rescue me and mine, love us for all time.

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