tomfoolery, antics,and………fakery.

  In retrospect, I should have done this blogging thing anonymously. But, I didn’t. I wanted to be transparent, flaws and all. That was the point. It isn’t some kind of forum for parenting advice, God knows….I am no authority on that, I don’t really know anyone that is, actually. And, this isn’t a fashion blog either. I do love fashion, but it rarely inspires me to write, or sing, or paint….so, one must surmise that I am really not that passionate about it. Also , not a spiritual blog . There are elements of all of these things in my blog, because it’s about my life. My life. I have an interesting life, and I have a million stories, from the past,and the present. I want to write, but I am just not interested in the FAKERY. I am not going to post photos of the food that I am preparing tonight, its 5:22 and I have no idea what dinner is going to be. I am not going to say how well-behaved my kids have been today, if in fact , they have not, and I am NOT going to pretend that I get up every morning, put on skinny jeans, and Lia Sophia jewelry, and whistle while I work….I don’t.  I fight against isolation, and self pity, self flagellation(beating one’s self up), more than I want to admit. I will not lie to you, and say that this love affair that Thomas and I are in is without rough patches….that would be TOMFOOLERY, for sure. Its the same with the LORD, I love HIM, I KNOW HIM, am having a love affair with HIM…..also rough patches. accusations, doubts, fears, tears…..all on my part, of course.

                 I just want to be real. I am well on my way. This blog is easier, because you can’t see me. My heart…yes, my face…no. Day to day life is harder. It shouldn’t be, and I am still working on it.  And so, I will start again. Pouring my heart out, writing about things that I think affect women, young, and old. I would encourage to to be real to someone today. COME OUT of HIDING, let someone in on something that you have been thinking, or feeling. Or go out without your spanx people….swim without a lifevest, jump without a net….BE REAL. STOP THE FAKERY.

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