what’s in a name ?

  I am not …beaten one, or lonely one, for that matter. The Lord has not called me…exhausted one. I am not overwhelmed,or underpaid one, nor am I desolate, or deprived one. The name…unloved one has never entered HIS mind. I am not sad and cynical one. I AM NOT. HE has not called my name depressed, or even oppressed one. I have not been called angry, or alone….not by my FATHER, the one who has written my name upon the softness of his palm.

                  HE has called me LOVED, cherished, and adored. Joyful one is the name on his lips when he thinks of me. Patient, and forgiving one, clever, and courageous one. Mother to the children of my heart, gracious, and slow to anger. Triumphant….one with the shining face….yes, HE has called my name, and I will answer him.

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