Holy days !!

  The holidays, Holy Days…as I like to call them, are under way over here. We went to the parade today, and officially started our season off ! It’s not that great of a parade, but sometimes you just have to DO something, and so we went. We FROZE !! Now we are home, fire is roaring, Adam is studying, the little ones (i know, they are really not that little) are snugly tucked into their beds, laundry is going (monday is my laundry day, and it makes me feel like I have a head start if I do a couple of loads on sunday night.) and we are alright. What a great, restful and yet productive weekend it has been. I feel peaceful, and that is priceless.

                  Isaiah gets to go to the holiday shop at school tomorrow, I will give him a few dollars to buy each one of us a gift, and he will painstakingly pick something out. Without a doubt, these are my FAVORITE gifts of all. The holiday shop makes me so happy. Hopefully, we will hear from the pediatric cardiologist tomorrow concerning his irregular heartbeat, and that too, should give me some peace.

               Isabelle…..hmmmmm, she is moving right along. Suspended in time, at least for now. American Girl dolls take up a lot of her time, and that is just fine with me. I am digging her right now. She is funny and full of herself, and yet somehow is capable of a contrite heart, when she needs to have one.

          Adam. It should not be possible to grow as fast as he is. Everywhere he goes girls are paying too much attention to him, at least for my liking. He is still blinded with love for me, but my days are limited. He is preparing to try out for soccer and the debate team. I think he is getting back on track, where his school work is concerned. I signed him up for his SAT !!

      Sidney seems to be doing good, she is looking forward to her trip to Germany, we gave her luggage for Christmas. It seemed like a real grown up gift. Still hard to think of her that way, but we are getting there. She is strong, and she is figuring out how to BE who she is. It happens to the best of us.

       Thomas….ohhhhhh, my honey, he is working hard, and taking care of all of us. He wore the hat that reminds him of his dad to the parade today. He really misses his Dad these days, I love that about him. He sang the greatest song about Isabelle today while he was in the shower. It goes something like this…….Oh Belle, you make me yell…oh Belle…it never fails, you make me yell, and sometimes say hell, oh Belle…I say go up the stairs, yes up, to the top Belle go Belle, now Belle !! Oh Belle, why do you make me yell??

Anyways…thats the update, from my family to yours. Goodnight.

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