That’s how I felt today when I realized that the man who shot his wife and then himself on Garrison rd, the other day, had a twelve year old daughter that goes to Adam’s school. Gutted. Shattered. Middle school is so hard, how will she get up every day ? What if she doesn’t know her heavenly Father, her ABBA… heart is just so broken over this. I have a hope and a future, but does this little girl know that she does too ?? How will she find out how much she is worth ? The enemies fingerprints are left all over this. Lives lost, and hearts broken, spirits mangled beyond recognition. I don’t know what I can do , other than intercede, so, thats what I will do. Please come with me, stand with me, pray with me. I think her name is Katlyn. She is 12, just a girl……write it down, put it on your phone, lets cover her with the bright wings of love and peace. HE  holds her in his hands, whether she knows it or not. Pray for the light to overtake the darkness that has to be creeping in on her. right now. urgently.

One thought on “gutted….

  1. i am with you. this has bothered me, made me pray non-stop and given me such a sad heartache. no siblings. no one but her parents and grandparents. heard tonight at soccer that the grandmother dropped her off at “home” (what a word. has so many meanings now) and her dad opened the front door, told her “do NOT come in the house. i just killed your mother” and then shut the door and killed himself behind it. GOD BLESS HER HEART.

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