goings on…

Soccer has ended. I just have to say, it was so much fun for me to watch the kids. Adam was a rock star, of course, and Isabelle was like a little sports diva, (always laughing, and looking around as if to say…are ya’ll looking at little ole me ?). But Isaiah was the biggest surprise. He gave it his all, and enjoyed every minute of. He made friends with all the boys on the team, and really bonded with the coach. It was awesome to see him come out of his shell !

                   Now, we move into the next season of life….holiday season ! LOVE IT. Love everything about it, even the stress. Our yearly trip to Brevard ,with our best friends ,kicks off holiday season as far as I am concerned . I think I have written about it before, but if you will indulge me(or even if you don’t), I will do it again.

                  We spend friday walking around Brevard, we go into antique shops, we really take our time with each other, and just enjoy. We have lunch, outside, if its warm enough, we are very LEISURELY about the whole thing. We stay at a lovely bed and breakfast (where we try to take over) ! On Saturday, we start with breakfast together, and then a trip to the local grocery store, which is an adventure, all on its own. We buy the makings of a feast. Bread and wine, for communion (which MUST be taken on the mountain, overlooking creation), then pesto and cheese, apples, and chocolate. Really fabulous. And then we head up the parkway to the most beautiful hiking spot ! We hike, we pray, we sit and bask in the weather, whatever that may be, and we…love. For the past few years, one of my best friends has not been well, and this trip has not been easy for her, but this year…..oh this year, she has been recovering, and thriving, and we have every intention of hiking all the way to the top of that mountain, and thanking the LORD for all of our blessings, big and small. A nap is usually in order, after the hike, and then we will go out to dinner that night, and love on each other. Yes, its an anniversary celebration, but equally, a celebration of friends that are like family. I can’t wait. We say goodbye on Sunday, with tears, and we come back to reality with our hearts full and overflowing. Did I say that I can’t wait ?

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