15 years with the same man, day in and day out….

 And I LOVE it, every minute of it. Fifteen years ago today, I woke up, and thought to myself, “self, you’re getting MARRIED today! ” Well, there was a slight doubt that Thomas would show up, since he had told his brother to lock him in the trunk of his car if  he ever tried to get married again. ha ! You can’t stop love.  And love it was. I knew that from one of our first dates. We hopped in the car, unplanned, and unscheduled, and drove down to Folly Beach. I just listened while he talked, and the more he talked, the more I fell in love. I saw his hands on that steering wheel, and I just knew…those were the hands that I wanted to hold for the rest of my life. What I didn’t know about those hands was that they would steady me, whenever I was shaky, and they would some day hold our babies tenderly, and build homes for us, and rub my feet whenever sports are on tv. I didn’t know the future, but I KNEW that I was in love.

                    Love is the greatest commandment. I didn’t understand it fully fifteen years ago, I am getting there now. Love wants the best for you, and love protects you. Love overestimates your abilities….and BELIEVES in you. Love lets you be sick, if you need to (still working on that one). Love makes your coffee in the morning, and turns off the fan, so that you can get out of the covers. Love sits in the bathroom, while you are in the tub, and listens to you ramble on about the same subject as long as you need to. Love dances with his daughters, and prays with his sons. Thank you for showing me love honey. I really would do it all over again, and again, and again. Happy Anniversary.

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