Something weird is going on….

 Ok, maybe I am in the twilight zone over here, but it seems like all I hear from the mothers out there is….how much housework they got done today, or what marvelous homeade dish they are making for dinner, oh yeah, and don’t forget the arts and crafts that their children had time to do…..uuuugh. Bad night here. I have actually put myself in time out. So I won’t say any ugly things to my children, with whom, I am in love…most of the time. Not really tonight. Just once I would like to look at facebook and have THIS be the status quo…., “woke up late , gave the kids dry cereal  for breakfast(we are out of milk),yelled at them for not making their beds…for the millionth day in a row, said hell in front of them, as in , ” what the hell were you thinking when you put clay in the carpet ???” And then I drove them to school, prayed in the carline, not for wisdom, but for forgiveness of my motherly sins. Exhaled deeply, grateful that they were in a safe place. Came home, didn’t get laundry done, or make a homeade pie…spent the day cleaning up doggie diarreah…then picked them up from school, happy to see them, until they begin to fight about who had the better day, and whose spelling words were hardest….forgot about homework, let them play outside til dark, didn’t give them a bath…ordered pizza….put them to bed, ahhhhh sleeping peace. ” , I mean, could I possibly be the only one of my kind ?

           No offense to all you DO IT ALL MOMS out there, I applaud you, and am in awe of you….although, I have to admit, sometimes I wonder if you are for real (like the toothfairy). goodnight. I feel better already.

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