Take a break….say thanks…

  I wanted to take a break from the goings on over here, and just say thanks ! Thanks to all of you who have prayed for Isaiah, and for me as I parent him. This is the first year that we have experienced school without fighting, crying, screaming, heartbreaking, stomachaching…anxiety. Thanks to the prayers, and thanks to a good PAPA. He is right on time, all the time. Everything else is gravy. Its a good day to be alive. Its a good day to CONTEND with the things you need to contend with….do it. Warrior women, thats what you are. Everone’s journey is different, and I am opening my eyes to all the warriors around me…whoa, overwhelming. Overwhelming love, and overwhelming boldness coming out of you, its just downright….inspiring. Ok, I am off to hip hop, where I intend to dance before the Lord with all my might ( ok, I’ll give some instruction, too) but mostly I will dance. I will dance for joy, and I will dance for the joy that is still to come, I will dance for children on their knees, and baby warriors being born every day ! Praise the King people…DANCE !

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