I have deleted my facebook account. Again. Only this time is permanent. The Lord won’t leave me alone about it. It just comes down to the fact that, I don’t want to be a part of it anymore. I am convicted of the amount of time that I spend on there, pretending to have friends, and heart connections. When really, I don’t at all. I also hate the photos that I see on there of my teenage daughter, and her friends. If everyone of us is telling a story, with our bodies, and the clothes that we put on them…what is your story ? Yeah, think about it.

        And then there is the facebook pedaphile, the story rean on fox. I don’t want any part of a social network that gives people the right, and the opportunity to exploit kids. I know, you think that I am being extreme. I will not argue that, but I will say, what I am being is obedient. I know that the Lord is leading me, and he only wants good things for me, I can’t go wrong if I am listening to him. Here is one more reason…marriages. You may think that it could never happen to you, but I’ve seen it up close. Facebook is a threat to our marriages. Just food for thought.

One thought on “deleted

  1. This is the best thing I have ever read that you have written. I too am getting ready to cancel my facebook. I don’t want to have to see this next generation of kids in my family exploited with such trite comments. The only people who are listed as my friends, are people I actually have met and know. That is my rule. I am too private a person to let just anyone know about me and my family. Not good for any of us. I don’t like to see any one hurt by words. It happens every day to all of us. Your words hurt me.
    In my earlier comment about the dribble, I don’t mean Grace, Love, Hope, Faith is dribble. I mean a Mother, just has to live it and teach it to her children, not try to get some sort of response from some total stranger. That is what I mean. You are a good Mother, I have always thought that. I love you, and you just have to know that and believe that. Once again getting off Facebook was a good thing. I am on it primarily to get photos to the kids. I’ll have to figure out another way. Take care of yourself Angie. Think positive, and positive things happen.. It is hard for all of us. You are not alone.

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