A new prespective….

 Ok. Open your mind. There…thats better. I have been met with a little resistance to the idea of jewelry parties. I get it. Some of you are busy, tired, or just plain think that its cheesy. Me too. I always think that before I go, but actually, I always end up having a great time. Mostly because, I love other women. I love swapping war stories about our kids, and sharing stories of blessings too. Sometimes I think we forget to take a step back, and look at the woman behind the party, whatever the product may be….whether its makeup, skincare, or….jewelry. That woman has a family, a purpose,a….story.  So, as I embark on this funny adventure…I would ask you not to judge harshly, and not to say no, without REALLY considering it. I have a story, a family, and a they are my reason for doing this.

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