My Church.

  I don’t know why. I wasn’t planning on writing this, but here goes…. I am loved, and highly blessed ,to go to CrossRoads Community Church.  Highly favored by my Father. He guided me there 14 years ago, and has loved on me there in an amazing way. Maybe, I have taken it for granted, the way you do your family, sometimes. Truth is….it is a place that never lets me down. A place made out of people. People who have become friends, and friends who have become … SO BLESSED. The Lord is here, HE meets me, when I am driving to the building that is my church, I ask him to meet me there, not just his presence, but HIM…the manifest MAN. He is good that way, He doesn’t want to say NO to me, after all….he is jealous for me, and loves when I draw near to HIM.  I am happy to have a church that ushers HIM in, that will put aside the programming, and the plan….because NOTHING is better than the manifest MAN.  Our leadership recognizes that, and yields to it. I love to see grown men dancing, and losing themselves in the only ONE, who can bring hope, the only ONE who can truly motivate, the only ONE who can make war, and bring Peace at the SAME TIME. WOOHOO. If the leadership didn’t yield to their emotions, if I did not see the light of the LORD shining on their faces….what then ? Where would I go ? Who could I trust ? I don’t have to answer that, because my PAPA has given me a great place to call home. He lead me there in the early days of my Christian life, when I fell down more than I stood up, and he has kept me there with the newness of his love every passing year. It is home, and I am blessed. Thats all. Glad to have the HAITI TEAM back, and so proud that you follow the LORD, no matter the cost. Love to all.

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