Happy Labor Day to Me !!

  Adam is 13 today. Adam is 13 today…what ? Just yesterday I was teaching him to write his name.  Ok, I am not going to talk about how time flies (Kelley Smith), or how, one minute you are up to your eyeballs in toys, and crumbs, and spilled juice, and the next….they are gone. Nope, not going to do it.

                       Anyone who reads this blog, knows how I feel about Adam. The Butcher, and I can’t believe that WE made him. He is THAT great. Today we,(adam and I) will be driving up to Hendersonville to pick out an airsoft rifle. Not just some little toy you can get around here…a NICE FAUX(thats important) weapon, with a scope, and all the bells and whistles that a young GENERAL PETRAEUS  needs.

                               I’ve kept my son home from school today. Nobody cares more about education than me, but there are times when I override my own rules, and this is it ! A road trip with my brand new teenager. These are the days, these are the times, I will relish this day with my son, and I hope he feels the same. Thomas and I have grown a fine young man, but his love for the LORD, and justice in an unjust world have made him extraordinary.

   Adam- I bless you with the desire to live a life of radical rebellion to what the world says you SHOULD be doing. I bless you today, at the wise age of 13, with the ability TO DO HARD THINGS, and walk a path that may not always be smooth, but one that will lead you to love, and the ONE who is love. I pray that he will reveal HIMSELF to you in everyday things, and that your charisma would draw friends and enemies alike to HIM. I love you manchild, you bring me joy EVERY SINGLE DAY. Being your mom is the GREATEST gift ever. Slow down, take it easy, come sit in my lap, and let me hold you…a little while longer.

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