ready or not….

Well. Prepare yourselves for this. I am going to be a rep for Lia Sophia jewelry. Yep. I have been sitting around here waiting for the perfect job to come along, something that would allow me to go on fieldtrips with my kids, and be here every day when they get home.  Doesn’t look like its coming any time soon. So, even though some of you are cringing right about now, I am going to do it. God has a plan, and he has been working on me gently for a while now. A few years ago, I tried to sell Silpada jewelry. I went into it with a partner…know why ? Because I didn’t think that I was strong enough, funny enough, or organized enough to do it on my own. Thats why. I just did not think that I could command a room. BULL. I have been writing this blog for a long time now, and I am learning all kinds of things about myself through it. I started out just really telling it like it is, and that felt good. Where there is light, and truth…darkness has to flee. I clung to that. I wrote about things that made my family uncomfortable, all the while ,the walls were tumbling down, and I was getting FREE.  So fast forward to now. God has spoken though several different situations that I am ENOUGH. Well, to be honest, I was still on the fence. My mind was filled with thoughts of embarrassment, and worry that I would have to bug people. I don’t think those thoughts came from God though….His desire is to bless me and mine.

                     This is birthday week for Adam, he will be 13. Thomas tried to take on extra work last week to make sure that THIS week would go smoothly….backfired. So, while I was on the phone with him yesterday, grilling him with questions about cakes, and dinners, and gifts….the LORD spoke, and my doubts were gone. Thomas is sick, and is outside in the heat building a fence today, he is TRYING, he is PROVIDING. While I was on the phone with him, I just felt the Lord GENTLY remind me of the words that I write to HIM. Words like ….I lay down my life, I pledge my allegiance to YOU, this world cannot hold me, I love you MORE than my dignity…HE gently reminded me that I am a CREATIVE being, crafted at his hand, for HIS purpose.  AND SO, I will be doing jewelry parties, I will be telling funny stories, and giving fashion advice, I WILL be ministering to the women that I meet in that way ,that is uniquely mine,not just on this blog, but in person, and…. I WILL be a proverbs 31 wife to my husband.

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