The days of our lives…

  WAKE UP ! BREATHE ! Breathe. Breathe….. I hear them, they are up. There are sounds of shuffling, sleepy feet, and raspy morning voices. Somewhere outside, a bird is singing. Sounds funny, but even in our hustle, and bustle…I hear her. I listen to the dreams of, at least one of them, braid Isabelle’s hair, argue with Isabelle about gratitude, when she complains about her cheerios. Make the lunches ( one gluten free), fill the water bottles. Remind Thomas his coffee cup was forgotten in the truck over the weekend. Wash it for him while simultaneously praying for him, he is sick, congested, and achy. Remember where Belle’s glasses are, give them to her, listen to Isaiah talk about legos,(his most recent obsession) for the 1ooth time ,this morning. The monkey memo HAS to be signed, say goodbye. AAAHHH. WAIT, from the car I hear, “Get my sweatshirt mom”. Ok, got it.  Touche, (that’s code for I love you). Shut the door, blow a kiss. Just like that, they are gone. One more Monday, under my belt. My life is brilliant, even at breakneck speed. I wouldn’t have it any other way, I LOVE these days.

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