There are so many thoughts swirling around inside my head today….how do I decide which one to blog about ? Well, first off, I have had a thought stuck in my head since I woke up. It will not go away, I did some laundry, watched a little t.v. , still, there it is. The thought……IT’S A GOOD DAY TO BE ALIVE. Hmmmm.

          Well, since I can’t decide on one cohesive thought, I will touch on a number of subjects. Should be interesting.(or confusing)

  1.    topic 1 – Thomas has vivid plans and dreams for our lives. Maybe they are not always realistic, but it sure does distract me from daily struggles. Ok, so this months plan is this…become a BIGFOOT hunting family, and film our adventures in the wilderness. Are you following me ? I mean, I certainly do believe that we are colorful, and funny enough in our daily lives to be filmed, BUT…..most likely not going to happen.(if it did , I know some of you would be glued to your tv’s watching it). The REALITY is, he is at the high school today,  with the hot dog cart…paying the bills. I love him for his visionary ways, and I respect him for getting out there and providing for us.
  2. topic 2-the show Parentood on NBC, I love it. I cry every time I watch it, it is so close to home for us. If you watched last night, and saw Max lose his mind when the plans got changed…well , then you know what it looks like around here sometimes. I totally related to the therapist when she started taking her earrings off, in preparation for the physical battle that was coming. Just a little birds eye view . It happens less now with the changes in his diet, but Isaiah still has meltdowns just like that.
  3. topic 3- Hair, I know this is random, but it was on my mind. If you have a husband who wants you to change your hair, or your clothes for that matter…I think you should seriously consider it. Put your womens lib on the back burner, and your turn up the heat in other areas. Sometimes we are guilty of losing sight of our husbands,(and wives too). We get so used to seeing them through only our eyes, that we forget there is a whole world looking at them too. I never want to forget what a catch Thomas is. He is a good man, and those are few and far between. There are plenty of women who (if given the opportunity) will not hesitate to make him feel appreciated, and adored. ( I am speaking from experience here) So, it is my plan, and my job to take care of that. If he is sending me signals about my appearance, then maybe I should look into it. To validate his feelings. I want him to know that I CARE about what he wants. KEEP YOUR GUARD UP WIVES, THERE ARE PITFALLS AROUND EVERY CORNER. Please don’t get offended by this, I am speaking what is on my heart and mind. My husband was married when I met him. I am not proud of it, but I do feel like there are some wives out there that could benefit from my knowledge. The knowledge that …..I wish I didn’t have.
  4. topic 4- Friends. I can’t for the life of me figure it out. I am never in the  “group” that I want to be in. I spend a lot of time offended…junior high style.  I am sort of half passed give a damn about it today. Feel like the LORD has given me some insight. He is always right on time. This train is moving on . No more time spent on it. To those of you who have great friendship, be blessed, and remember to GIVE as good as you get. Enjoy . And to those of you who feel you have gotten the short end of the stick…wrap up this chapter, move on. Be open to new people, and experiences. You are unique, I am unique….we are wonderfully made, perfectly crafted. And that is enough.
  5. topic 5 (and the last for today) kids…..My eyes are so open to my kids right now, time is flying, and in slow motion at the same time. Just the way I want it. I am present in EVERY aspect of their lives, soccer, student council, homework, and social pressure, but mostly their relationships with the King of the Universe. I have had my head stuck up, well you know where, for so long…trying to cultivate friendships, and write songs, and find my place….well guess what(and you can agree or not, this is for me) I WAS MISSING OUT ON THEM….the REAL THEM, their personalities, my last days and months of building character in them. I have been selfish. I still want those things, but not at the cost of this time with my kids. Every mom is a missionary…some of us don’t see it that way. Bedtime is the sweetest around here, not the easiest, but the sweetest. We take the time to pray with the kids, I pray for REA L in front of them. Otherwise, how will they understand how to grow that relationship with a GOD that is so far away(in their minds). Example, thats the only way. Ministry starts at home.

    Ok, I warned you. I have been wrapped up in the fogginess of all of these thoughts for the last few days….good to get them out. Here comes the sun. IT’s A GOOD DAY TO BE ALIVE.

One thought on “REAL REALITY…

  1. regarding #3: have you ever read “for women only” but shaunti feldhan? it is one of my FAVORITE, most practical books ever. what you said in #3 echoes some things she talks about.

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