Ok. More about this…I am terrible about labeling myself. Some of the labels, I recognize, and I tear them off as fast as I can, others…I buy into, they become part of my personality.Sadly. Until someone (in this case my friend Kat). Gives me a good ,stern talking to about it.  Last night Kat looked me in the eye , and she was genuinely bothered by the fact that I sell myself short. She told me that if I don’t wake up, and SEE who I really am, the person that other people see, the woman that God made me….that I will have missed out on my whole life. WHOA. yeah. She is so right. I have opened up to a select few, the chosen ones, friends that have proven their love and loyalty without a doubt.( I really must have been kicked around some in my life). I am open and frank on this blog, but surprisingly private in face to face life. I think the Lord is trying to correct that. I know that HE has given me this desire for truth, and the ability to air my dirty laundry for a reason. Its for other women, mothers, and daughters….I think HE is asking me to kick it up a notch. Until now, I just haven’t been willing, there was just a huge doubt that I had the skills, the charisma, the general likability. But HE is touching me. HE is moving me, seducing me, in that way that only HE can. And HE is using HIS daughters to do it. Women who unselfishly love me, and spend time telling me that I am GOOD. Their words, but the FATHER’S HEART for sure. For real.

           So, even now, as I deal with the tearing off of these labels, and believe me, some of them are like bandaids…they sting, coming off….even now, I pray that you too, will start to feel the moving in your spirit to deal with the labels that you wear…. ugly, stupid, less than, fat, lazy, addict, homewrecker, nagging wife, bad mommy, alcoholic, frigid, unloving( the LORD is giving me these, so they need to be torn off) controlling, clumsy, unstable, and fragile. Do it. Tear it off, as quick as you can, there is something else for you !! I am so glad, there is more to me, there is more to you…WE are…perfectly crafted, beautiful, smart, life givers, homemakers, earth shakers, pain takers, singers, dancers, songwriters, creative, hardworkers, strong, willing, we are business women, and missionaries, we are lovers, and friends, wives and sisters, but first and foremost, we are DAUGHTERS of the one who IS LOVE. And it goes on and on and on….

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