heart strings…

  Belle and I had a great time at the conference we went to.(secretkeepergirls). It was fun enough to keep her attention, and serious enough to get mine. There was a story about a prince, who layed down his royal garb to rescue an unassuming, unaware…princess. And even in the simple way it was told so that young girls could GET it, it made me cry. It stirred my heart again. The thought of it. The magnitude of what Jesus has said, has done, has given up, for me…for his bride. It just never gets old.

                 We talked about the labels that we put on ourselves, as girls and women( not to mention mothers). We took a minute to let our daughters tell us what labels they felt like they were wearing around. WOW…eye opening. We broke that label off, we spoke GOD’s word over it, and replaced it with the truth. And then we did a funny thing…the moms told their daughters about their own labels. I didn’t think it would be as hard as it was, but I was wrong. It was HARD to look at my 10 year old, with her huge eyes staring into mine, and admit that I walk around feeling like I am wearing a tag that says…unlovable. But I knew I would, and I did. She prayed for me in that sweet voice of hers, and then she went to the place on my journal where I had written the word UNLOVABLE, she crossed it out, and wrote YOU ARE LOVED ALL OVER. The tears came. She spoke directly to my heart. That alone was worth the trip.

          We talked a whole lot about clothes and beauty, and I think she took away some important ideas. I would be remiss if I did not mention the trip down. I rode with a close friend, and a new friend. It was a time of warm, woman fellowship. An open atmosphere of sharing was evident right from the start. We talked about hard things, and I was just so blessed by both friends. Its good to get out of my own head every once in a while.  So thanks be to God for women, young and old…the gatekeepers, the worship warriors, the life givers, and the….secret keepers.

One thought on “heart strings…

  1. Angie,

    I just wanted to let you know that I received your email through our website. I’m so glad that you and Belle were able to come to our event in Clarkesville, what a fantastic night that was! It’s such a blessing to us to know that you were ministered to that night. I hope you will both remember those truths throughout your lives!
    Melanie, SKG Staff (aka slingshot lady)

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