Resolving the dissonance.

What is it with women ? Why the lack of contentment ? Only after a long conversation with my best friend this morning, did I realize a few things. First, we need to figure out the difference between what WE think we were born to do, and what GOD actually created us to do, resolve the dissonance, if you will…..turn the un-melodic back into what is supposed to be the melody that Abba has written just for us. And then, we need to remember to KEEP GOING. We start new things on a daily basis as children, and then we start new things as wives, and then mothers….its progress, its moving…starting again , and again. I have to figure out what my melody is, and then I need to START, knowing good and well, there will be failures….but to fail is to try. So maybe contentment isn’t exactly what we think it is…maybe, its STARTING….again.

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